Workout Reviews:

After casually hitting tennis balls with a friend for a year, I decided to sign up for lessons to take my game to the next level. Kate has been amazing at observing first and then meeting me where I am at in my tennis game! She is great at offering changes to improve without completely reworking my tennis swing. And she makes the whole process so fun! Lessons quickly move from one drill to the next to keep things interesting, and the intensity increases as the lesson goes on. I always end feeling like I had a good time and got a great work out. Thank you Kate! 
Software, Mum
Kateryna is a wonderful tennis coach. She's incredibly thoughtful, pinpointing my challenge areas and tailoring our lessons in real time to try a different teaching method, or spend extra time practicing a certain skill. She's also lovely to spend time with, and I look forward to our lessons all week! My tennis abilities have improved significantly since starting lessons with her, and I have enjoyed every minute!
Kate is a fantastic tennis instructor. She is kind, fun, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She has worked on many aspects of the game with me without overwhelming me with information. She also balances the instruction with getting in a great workout really well. I highly recommend Kate whether you are first learning how to play or just want to fine tune your game!
Kate is a great instructor, I really enjoyed playing with her. Very fun and productive practices.
She is doing great. My kid improved her skill in a few weeks. Definitely I recommend her
Kateryna is an incredible instructor! As a beginner, it's been tough to find an instructor that breaks things down in a way that makes sense. In just one lesson, she was able to quickly identify the components of both my forehand and backhand that needed the most work, and she gave me great advice and tailored the lesson to addressing those issues. I felt myself getting better as the lesson progressed, and by the end, I was already feeling much more in control of what I was doing than when we started. I look forward to taking the advice that Kateryna gave me and applying it to my game and hopefully working with Kateryna for a few more lessons.